SnapSeed: Pinoy Appler’s Best App of 2012

Hundreds of cool new apps were introduced in the AppStore this 2012. Indeed, Apple’s iOS app platform gets better and better each year. From Productivity apps, Social Media to Photography and Photo editing tools, iOS device users will surely find something that will suit their needs and maximize their smartphone use!

As someone who’s in love with photography, the iPhone 4S has become my companion everytime I’m on the road. One of the things I like about the iPhone 4S’ camera is it can level to a compact digital camera’s quality. So when I go out, I don’t have to bring a bulky camera with me anymore. I can instantly take a snapshot of anything and share it online in a flash. Check out my previous post titled iPhone Photography: Forget the bulky DSLRs, and see how impressive the iPhone 4S’ camera quality is.

So for the first time this year, Pinoy Appler will award an iOS app; an app we think is a breakthrough in the smartphone era. An app worth downloading, worth having, that will change the way we deal with in today’s generation and technology. This year, we have come up with top three best apps but only one will be awarded Pinoy Appler Awards’ Best App of 2012.

Pinoy Appler’s 3rd Best App of 2012


instagram-iconInstagram  is now a household term. People just love sharing to their network where they are, what they eat and who they’re with. Now that it is both available on Android and iOS platform, the number of Instagram users even skyrocketed this year. What I like about Instagram is the ability to cross post to the most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many more. It also features amazing photo filters which can vary the mood or emotion of your photo.

Pinoy Appler’s 2nd Best App of 2012


big-evernote-iconEvernote is a diary on the go. I have been using this app since its inception. I normally keep an old notebook with me, but from the time I discovered Evernote, all my notes are now digital. So how is Evernote different from Apple’s Notes App? Very different. Apple’s Notes App is made for typing and keeping notes alone. Evernote is more like a social notebook, digital treasure box and planner/reminder all in one; you can store text, images, documents, etc. The best thing about Evernote is you get to instantly share a note online via a generated url. I find this very useful especially on Twitter when I have to tweet more than 140 characters; I type it in Evernote and just tweet the link- something similar to Twitlonger. There’s this similar app called Springpad but I find Evernote simple and easy to use.

And the Pinoy Appler Awards’ Best App of 2012 goes to..


snapseed1SnapSeed is the best photo editing iOS app for me. It is so easy to use and it can actually turn a dull photo into a vibrant and impressive shot. This has been my companion when taking photos with the iPhone 4S. With a few slides and taps, you’ll instantly have a nicely processed and enhanced shot. Compared to Apple’s very own iPhoto for iOS, SnapSeed is so much easier to use. Well, aside from functionality, one of the things vital to the success of an app is its ease of use; and SnapSeed has it, I am sure about that.

Taking photos and sharing them online has become a way of life in this generation. But it’s not just about taking photos; it’s about capturing a story, a moment, a memory. You can take beautiful photographs using the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5, but you can make them stand-out by post-processing. It’s not cheating, it’s art. 🙂