DIY iPad Smart Cover: Pimp It!

In case you don’t know yet, iPads are equipped with magnetic sensors located on the upper right side of the bezel. It is used to trigger the sleep/wake function of the device so each time you apply a magnetic field on that portion, your iPad sleeps or wakes. Cool huh?

See this video demo to better visualize the technology behind Smart Covers
(recorded using my iPhone 4S)

This feature is specially made to cater to Apple’s Smart Cover accessories which you have to buy separately. These accessories don’t come cheap and you’d rather buy a typical folio case or cover that are affordable and look even better and stylish than the Smart Covers.

I bought a Speck FitFolio case the moment I bought my iPad 2. And I loved it so much because it is thin and lightweight as if it’s barely there.

And knowing the technology behind their so-called Smart Covers, I decided to pimp my case and add that Smart Cover touch to it.

What you need

1. Magnetic Strip – You can use any form of magnet but I prefer a magnetic sheet because it is thin and it can easily be cut. You can get one of these at National Book Store for P38.50

2. Strong Adhesive – I used a leather glue (contact cement a.k.a. rugby) but be cautious in using this because it might melt certain plastics. Just a small amount will do.

3. Scissors to cut the magnetic strips.

DIY New iPad 2 Smart Cover

Magnetic Sheet

DIY New iPad 2 Smart Cover 1

Doing it is very easy. First you need to cut a small magnetic strip, just the right size to fit to your iPad 2’s border (probably 1″ x 1/2″)

Once your magnetic strip is ready, you first need to find out where the exact location of the magnet sensor of your iPad is. By looking at the first video I posted, it is located somewhere on the upper right side of the border. Mark it down and mirror that location on the inside part of your iPad cover.

Put adhesive glue, just the right amount enough stick the magnetic strip into place.

And voila! A SMART COVER!!

Just make sure the iPad Cover Lock/Unlock option (Settings >;; General) is turned on for you to use this feature. If it’s not appearing yet, you need to trigger it with a magnet so the option will show. Simply place the magnet on top of the magnetic sensor.

iPad Cover Lock/Unlock option (Settings  General)

Here’s a video of my pimped Speck FitFolio Case turned into a Smart Cover by using cheap magnet strips: