Facebook iOS Update: Chat Heads and Stickers | April 16 2013

Update your Facebook for iOS and see an amazing redesign of the interface. New font and flat theme. Plus, it features an all new chat which gives users the ability to send giant emoji images or Stickers, as Fabeook calls ’em.

Check out the screencapture from my iPhone 4S. You will see on the video that while you are browsing through your Facebook Timeline or News Feed, you can still see chat messages from your friends via the Chat Heads. Message previews and notifications pops out of the icon each time a new chat is received.


Turn On Multitasking Gestures on iPad

With the latest iOS update from Apple, iOS 5 adds a very helpful new feature for the iPad that will help you preserve the life of your Home Button. The Multitasking Gestures feature on your iPad lets you navigate on your device with just a few multiple-finger gestures as follows:

1. Five-finger pinch to go to Home Screen
2. Four-finger swipe up to reveal all your running apps (multitasking bar)
3. Four-finger left or right swipe to go from one running app to another

The Multitasking Gestures feature of the iPad is very useful and covenient. And since the Home Button is prone to mechanical wear, using Multitasking Gestures helps in preserving it by giving users alternative options to navigate their iPads. Once you get used to these gestures, you might forget that there’s even a home button.

Here’s how to activate/deactivate the Multitasking Gestures:

Multitasking Gestures on iPad, Five-finger pinch to Home Screen, Four-finger swipe up to multitasking bar, Four-finger left or right swipe to switch apps