iOS 10 features you probably don’t know yet

iOS 10 has tons of new features, updates and upgrades that make the iPhone experience a little too better. Although it didn’t have the smoothest roll-out at first, there were a couple of hipster features and tricks that I find very useful.

Check out my list and see if you’ve ever encountered any of these features.

1. Set Siri to announce who’s calling

When your iPhone is ringing and it is far from reach, or maybe you’re on the other side of the room, Siri can shout out the name and number of an incoming call.

How: Settings > Phone > Announce Calls

2. Quick access to Battery, Cellular Data, Wifi & Bluetooth settings

How: Using 3D Touch, tap the Settings app, and voila!

3. Close all Safari tabs all at once

Aside from the fact that you can now open unlimited number of windows on Safari, you can now close them with just on single feature.

How: Tap and hold the Tab Switcher button

4. Open recently closed window in Safari

We all hate this, don’t we? You’re doing a research on Safari and you have 10 or more tabs opened. Then, just because it’s not your lucky day, you suddenly closed a tab instead of the other. Don’t freak out, you can restore it quickly with iOS 10.

How: Tap the Tab Switcher button, long press the + icon to reveal the recently closed apps.

5. Your iPhone as a magnifying glass

I know this sounds crazy, but yes, you can use the camera as a magnifying glass with just 3 clicks on your home button.

How: Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier

6. Fresh new set of emojis

There you have it folks. Discovered a hidden iOS 10 trick lately? Share it with us!


How to Organize Business Cards using Evernote

Evernote Logo

At some point in our lives, we all had to battle with clutter, right? Office papers, school projects, official receipts, or whatever!

In the office, or during business gatherings and stuff, especially in the corporate world, we always deal with business cards. Of course, some of these contacts are important, so we don’t wanna lose them. In the end, you end up having stacks of cards on your desk or your wallet no longer has room for money because it’s all business cards! 😀

I’ve always been a fan of Evernote. I use it in the office as my main note tool. Meetings, events, work strategies and tips; I always put everything in Evernote. Aside from taking down notes, I also find Evernote very useful in converting documents and print outs into digital files.

In this post, I will teach you how to save space and organize your contacts by converting your Business Cards digitally. Well, one can always manually type in the info on the card and save it in the phone book, but with my tip, you preserve the actual look of the business card and still have that personal feel of the card, only digital.

Watch the video to find out how easy it is to do it.

Facebook iOS Update: Chat Heads and Stickers | April 16 2013

Update your Facebook for iOS and see an amazing redesign of the interface. New font and flat theme. Plus, it features an all new chat which gives users the ability to send giant emoji images or Stickers, as Fabeook calls ’em.

Check out the screencapture from my iPhone 4S. You will see on the video that while you are browsing through your Facebook Timeline or News Feed, you can still see chat messages from your friends via the Chat Heads. Message previews and notifications pops out of the icon each time a new chat is received.