What’s with iOS7? | Video Walkthrough

iOS7 Update

iOS7 Update

Apple just recently released the latest iOS. iOS7 is packed with a new and fresh look plus some more exciting and cool stuff. Here are some of the fresh features in iOS7:

  1. Block messages, and calls, including FaceTime and iMessage. It’s probably not new to non-iOS devices, and surely one feature that we’ve always been hoping Apple to add to support, but this breakthrough feature will definitely add more value and razzle-dazzle to the iPhone.
  2. A more intelligent Siri. The new and improved Siri can now do more for you! Teach Siri how to say a word, Tweet for you, FaceTime a friend, and a whole lot more. Siri can also handle your calls! Cool! Tired of the old and boring Siri? You can now change its voice to Male.  Siri in iOS7 comes in a more natural sounding female and male voice.
  3. Timestamp in messages. In the older iOS versions, there is no way to find out what specific time you received/sent a text message . Not anymore with iOS7. Swipe to left to reveal the timestamp.
  4. Efforlessly kill an app. Killing an app in iOS7 is no sweat. Double click the home button and swipe up the app you wish to kill. Easy!

To those who haven’t updated to iOS7 yet, here’s a quick walkthrough. It’s a fresh iOS look and I can say that it’s ultimately the best iOS so far!

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