The New iPad 2012 Review

Surely enough, Pinoy Apple fans are itching to get the new iPad- and I’m one of them! Haha! In fact, I already sold my iPad 2 to fund my new iPad. But I think we have yet to wait until April or May to see the new iPad in the local stores in the Philippines.

I found out that Manila Bulletin already has the new iPad unit and it’s available at TechLab for the public to see and experience. To my excitement, I quickly sent a tweet to Art Samaniego, Technews Editor of MB, and asked him if I can visit TechLab to try the new iPad. And so it happened.

So, what do I think about the new iPad?

1. Retina Display

At first glance, you’ll hardly notice which one is the new iPad. As a matter of fact, people often get confused when the iPad 2 and the new iPad are placed side to side; and when asked which one is the new iPad, they end up (mostly) pointing out to the iPad 2. Why is that? It’s simple: The new iPad’s retina display has a warm color tone as opposed to the cool bluish tone of the iPad 2’s display. And that’s what people notice first. Bluish tone looks new and bright as opposed to the yellowish warm color that looks old- well that’s how the human mind interprets these color tones.

But… you look closer and start browsing, that’s where you’ll notice the BIG difference. I’m sure you’ll get stunned at how beautiful and resolutionary the retina display is- the colors are very vivid and clear. You will hardly see the pixels unless you look at it very close which is very unlikely because the normal eye-to-screen distance when we use an iPad or other tablets or read books is about 14 inches (or 35 cm). Just look at the close up photos of the iPad 2 and the new iPad and the debate is over! 😀 By the way, I used my iPhone 4S to take these photos.

New iPad vs. iPad 2 Retina Screen Comparison

iPad 2 Screen

New iPad vs. iPad 2 Retina Screen Comparison

New iPad Retina Display

New iPad vs. iPad 2 Retina Screen Comparison

2. Camera

Unlike the iPad 2’s less than a megapixel resolution, the new iPad has a 5MP iSight camera optics similar to that of the iPhone 4. Video recording is also improved to 1080p HD at 30 frames per second with image stabilization (IS). I tested the camera of both the iPad 2 and the new iPad and took still shots inside the MB TechLab. See photos below.

iPad 2 vs new iPad Camera Shot

Sample shots using the iPad 2's rear camera

iPad 2 vs new iPad Camera Shot

Sample shots using the new iPad's rear camera

The camera is obviously much better compared to the iPad 2 but if you have an iPhone 4/4S, the camera improvement is not a big deal, really. 😀

3. It’s thicker and heavier, but it’s negligible

The iPad 2 is 8.8mm thick, while the new iPad has a thickness of 9.4mm. In short, you won’t even notice it!! Regarding the weight, it’s about 49-51 grams heaver than it’s predecessor- you get to actually feel the increase in weight but for a 9-inch tablet, that tiny bit of additional weight is forgivable. Because of the extra pixels and faster processor, Apple bulked up the new iPad’s battery- a larger and heavier battery so you still get to enjoy an amazing 9-10 hours of battery life.

Thickness Comparison: iPad 2 vs. New iPad

The new iPad on the left and iPad 2 on the right

Wrapping up

There is no doubt that the new iPad is a better and improved iPad 2. It is perfect for viewing and editing photos, watching movies and videos and for reading digital books and magazines. Yes, the new iPad is great but that doesn’t mean the iPad 2 is not great anymore. If you already have the iPad 2 and you are thinking of upgrading to the new iPad, I really recommend you think twice. Do you really care about the Retina Display and the 5MP iSight camera? Are you not satisfied with the iPad 2’s processing speed and you feel the need for a faster one? If you care less about these improvements, then stick with your good old iPad 2.

And to those of you iPad 1 owners or those who have not owned any single iPad, if you don’t care much about the Retina Display, now is the time to get an iPad 2- it will become insanely cheaper when the new iPad arrives in the Philippines! I sold mine for 17,000! 😀

Pinoy Appler Jaypee David at Manila Bulletin Techlab

Me taking a photo of the new iPad side to side with the iPad 2 at Manila Bulletin's TechLab


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