Apple to Launch iPad 3 (2S or HD) Today, March 7th

Today (or later, Cupertino time), is the expected launch of the much anticipated next generation iPad from Apple. Dubbed by some as iPad 3, though a lot of name speculations like iPad 2S or iPad HD also circulate the Web since it is rumored to carry a high resolution retina display, a faster chip and the popular iPhone 4S cyber assistant, Siri. We’ve also seen featured in some Web news sites a China company in which they recently started shipping the so-called “iPad 3” cases sporting just the same form factor as the iPad 2.

MG Siegler of wrote in his article titled “The iPad HD Sucks*“:

iPad HD Sucks from MG Siegler of TechCrunch

So, what do think will the next generation iPad look like? Guess what, I tried asking Siri about it but I got no word from her and it seems like she is in connivance with her Apple bosses- keeping silent ’til it’s there.

Ask Siri about iPad 3


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